Walnut Creek, CA
Updated- 4/2013


What we do

Morton Engineering specializes in engineering, manufacturing and process development requiring creative solutions or prototype manufacturing.

We have successfully completed projects within a variety of industries, including: structural, machinery / manufacturing, precision optics and automotive / marine motorsports. We specialize in mechanical systems design, structural analysis, metallurgy, motorsports power plant development and 4 cycle performance tuning.

Representative projects or services include:

- Design Engineering: Automated Metrology Equipment, Production Machinery and Tooling Development for Stress Mirror Polishing (SMP) as used for the primary mirror segments of the W.M. Keck 10 Meter Telescopes, located at the summit of Mauna Kea, HI.

- Production Management: Stress Mirror Polishing (SMP) and backside surface production of 45 of the 84 primary mirror segments for W.M. Keck 10 Meter Telescopes.

- Design and manufacture of intake / exhaust valve guides for various 4 cycle automotive applications including: BMC, BMW, Nissan, Porsche and Triumph.

- Engine Management devewlopment and tuning for four stroke automotive engines including: Pre OBD2 BMW, Chevrolet V8, Porsche 928, Haltech, MoTec and legacy carburetor/distributor.

- Deisng, Prototype Manufacture and Manufacturing License for production of an improved rear spring perch for the "PSS-9" rear coil over shock absorber within 5 link rear engine Porsche suspensions.

- Engineering and fabrication for modifcation of the thrust shoulder bearing on Porsche 928 "S3" camshafts for re-use in 928 S4/GT/GTS cylinder heads.