Walnut Creek, CA
Updated- 12/2011


What we do

Morton Engineering seeks out engineering and manufacturung projects that require creative solutions and prototype manufacturing techniques. We strive to apply ourselves to specialty projects where we are making a contribution to something very special.

Morton Engineering excels at mechanical systems design, structural design, motorsports development, prototype manufacturing, performance tuning as well as consultancy for manufacturing process development, materials science and metallurgy. 

Past Projects that represent our depth and capability include:

- Process Engineering: Tooling Development and Project Management for Stress Mirror Polishing (SMP) 45 of the 84 primary mirror segments for both W.M. Keck 10 Meter Telescopes.

- Design and manufacture of an improved intake / exhaust valve guide for BMW S14 as well as other "S" series BMW engines.

- Development and license for manufacture of an improved rear spring perch for the "Bilstein PSS-9" rear coil over shock absorber for the Porsche 993.

- Process developement and fabrication for modifying the thrust shoulder on Porsche 928 "S3" camshaft cores for use in 928 S4/GT/GTS cylinder heads.

In addition to the above projects, Morton Engineering has been involved with many successful engine developments serving a variety of automotive and marine motorsports applications