Walnut Creek, CA

Updated- 2/2010


About Us

Our principals are Jim Morton and Melissa Morton, P.E.

We also work with a cast of associates who we have been working with since we did our first consulting back in 1988.

Morton Enginnering specializes in Mechanical Engineering, prototype work in Automotive Motorsports as well as Material Science / Metalurgy consulting.

Our obejctive is to contribute on projects where the result is something special.

Some of our premier projects include:

1.) Development of model cam lobe CNC machining techniques for "one off" camshaft manufacturing.

2.) Process Engineering, Tooling Development and Project Management for Stress Mirror Polishing (SMP) 45 of the 84 primary mirror segments for both W.M. Keck 10 Meter Telescopes. This project represented 4 years of full time consulting from 1988 - 1992. Although this project has come and gone, it represents the scale of work Morton Engeering is capable of taking on.

3.) Development and manufacture of a retrofit kit rudder post bearing for the Olson 25 One Design Saliboat

4.) Development and manufacture of an improved intake / exhaust valve guides for various 4 stroke engines.

5.) Development and prototype manufacture of various suspension components for use in motorsports applications.

6.) Miscellaneous automotive audio component mounting solutions including hidden or "OEM look" tweeter and cross-over mounts

For more information on any of the above projects, please contact:

Jim Morton - jmorton@morton-engr.com

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